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Booking Live Music

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More than harpists: Trained at Juilliard and Yale, Rachel is the Principal Harpist of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and Solo Harpist for the world-famous Windsor Court Hotel. She also has performed with the widest possible range of Louisiana's finest classical, jazz, pop, gospel, R&B, Cajun and rock musicians. Thus, when a client calls looking for a particular type o music, Rachel knows exactly the right musicians to book for your special occasions, wherever and whenever needed.

All Kinds of Music: Rachel Van Voorhees Music books the music for over 600 events each year --everything from weddings, concerts, holiday specials, convention functions, and lots more.

Don't forget to let us know these critical details, all of which could affect what and how she would suggest booking the music for your event:

The Event:

  • type of event: wedding, concert, private party
  • time & date
  • the facility & location
  • expected size of crowd

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